Session Descriptions

Four, one-hour concurrent sessions will be offered on Saturday, March 17, 2018.  Conference participations will choose from 12 workshop topics.  Each of these 12 presenters will conduct his/her session four times during the day at the following times (9:45 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm and 2:15 pm).  Please refer to each facilitator to be kept up-to-date on session availability.

The 2018 Session Line Up

1. Amanda Keay – Children’s Rights & Advocacy

This session will focus on two key components 1. Children’s Rights and 2. Advocacy. The Children’s Rights component will focus on what are children’s rights and responsibilities and why are they important. The Advocacy component will provide young people with tools to identify an advocacy issue and tools that will enable them to speak up and have their voice heard when decisions are being made about them.

2. Jackie de Montarnal – Building Your Future

Deciding on what you want to do for a career can be a challenging task. How do you decide with so many choices, and how do you achieve that goal once it is set? We will help you to envision what kind of life you want to create and ask questions to guide you in your decision process. If training or additional education are parts of your plan, we will offer access to resources so that you can obtain the courses you need to make your dreams a reality!

3. Cara Jones/Len Morissette – Identity Documentary Demonstration

Indigenous people across Canada are coming to face to face with the truth and reconciliation of their culture, heritage and identity. Many consider themselves urban aboriginals, Indigenous people who walk between the two worlds of both modern and traditional life. How do we bridge the gap of knowledge and understanding between the young, the elderly and those on the journey in between? How do we help empower our Indigenous communities as they reclaim their identity?

4. Natascha Okimaw – Let’s Talk About Sex…Breaking the Stigma

A presentation on Healthy Relationships, sexual health and sexual identity. Participants will help facilitate the learning in a sharing circle followed by a hands-on activity of building a condom cannon. The intention is for youth to have an open and healthy perspective on sex in the hopes of being the generation to reduce the transmission of STBBI’s in Indigenous people.

5. Clinton Soto – Hoop Dancing

Showing the youth some basic moves and how to make the hoops, teachings about the hoop dance. Making healthy choices in life and where it can take a person. Speaking on his own personal experience of all the places and people he has been blessed to meet because of his ability to dance and speak in front of a crowd on all levels. Living a health life style and being a leader in the community.

6. Michelle Thrush – Find Your Own Inner Trickster

In this workshop Michelle will talk about the importance and power of story telling and character study. She will walk you through creating a character from the ground up and how to build a background for your character. We will experience music to explore various walks and interactions.  We will then play games that will help bring these characters to life, using storytelling to create small scenes. This is creative time to find that silly part of ourselves and then honouring it through story telling.

7. Michael Linklater – Boys With Braids

Session will cover the importance of holistic wellbeing in order to achieve the best person you can become. Interactive ice breakers and self-awareness games will be offered.

8. Dyami Thomas – Suicide Prevention

As a suicide prevention peer counsellor, Dyami will provide an insightful workshop that explains warning signs, tips and ways to comfort and provide a lending ear to friends and family that are at risk.  This workshop will provide youth with the opportunity to ask questions, engage in discussion and participate in ice breakers.

9. Walking with our Sisters, GP Chapter – Art

Youth will have the opportunity to be part of the contribution to the Grande Prairie Walking with our Sisters memorial/movement.  This workshop will combine various artistic mediums to create a memorial piece for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls movement.  Youth will be guided by the group of lead bearers helping with GPWWOS.

10. Andrea Deleeuw – Pathways to Post-Secondary: Dream It, Believe It, and Achieve It!

Youth are invited to explore post-secondary and career pathways by thinking about their values, interests, and talents. One competitive game takes place (with prizes for first and second place!), as well as a personal personality quiz. Resources are shared throughout presentation, including information about the Learning Clicks website, ALIS, and about various scholarships and bursaries. The presentation finishes with youth completing a personal map of the future through a process of brainstorming and dreaming big.

11. Danielle Boudreau – Healing from Exploitation & Addiction

Danielle Boudreau has advocated and spoken on behalf of missing and murdered women for over 15 years. Coming from an experiential background she has endured a life of addiction, abuse and exploitation. In 2006, after 2 of her friends, who were deemed “high risk”, were murdered, Danielle started a walk to memorialize women who were missing or murdered.  Two weeks after the first walk, her younger sister was murdered in her own home. This prompted Danielle to heal from her past, accept her present and work towards a future raising awareness on the issue of MMIW by using her personal story.

12. Robin Rochon – Kickboxing and Perseverance

This workshop is about goal setting the S.M.A.R.T way.  Also, finding your inner power and perseverance to achieve them.  Robin will share her life experiences about trauma to triumph, and how she uses S.M.A.R.T goal setting platforms to achieve her fitness goals.  The will be icebreakers shared with the group.  And to bring out the inner warrior, there will be a 20 minute kickboxing class. This will be a beginner class, with kickboxing fundamentals all put together in fitness routine. Be prepared to have fun doing some jabs, hooks, and kicks at this workshop!